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Theta Chamber

The Theta Chamber is designed to induce a person's brainwave activity into a wavelength scientifically referred to as "Theta State".

This is a state of relaxation that is well known to everyone as the drowsy, abstract sensation that one feels as one is falling asleep and floating.

This allows the brain to take the majority of its focus off of sensory perception and conscious thought, to withdraw into the more profound regions of mental activity that we now know as the bio-magnetic field.  While in this state, the task of "reprogramming" or "remapping can be achieved.

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Our Theta Chamber is designed to administer multiple,
powerful treatment applications in a single session with our three main objectives:
1. Induce a “Theta” brainwave state Opening the brain to suggestion, learning and healing
2. Signal the hypothalamus to return to producing normal levels of serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters
3. Encourage the brain to create and use new, normal neural pathways (also known as “entrainment”) 
Audio relaxation tracks provide positive affirmations and promotes relaxation.
Theta Chamber Therapy forges new neural pathways via an induced theta brainwave state.   The human brain produces electromagnetic waves during different activities.   These waves are divided into four frequency categories:  alpha, beta, delta, and theta.
In the Theta state, the brain is no longer focused on sensory perception, but rather is directed toward the subconscious.   In this state, new mental patterns can be formed as the brain processes information.  The Theta state enables learning, healing, and growth.

How does the Theta Chamber Work?

Vestibular Motion:  
The Theta Chamber spins!  The spin is approximately 13 rpms- the speed of the natural rotation of the Earth – and is a direct result of NASA research.  This vestibular motion throws off the brain’s natural sense of time and space.   Clients say they feel like they are floating or rocking, making a session feel like it lasts anywhere from 5 minutes to beyond an hour.   These movements purposely enhance the flow in your bio-magnetic field – the place where thoughts and emotions reside.

Crania Electrotherapy Stimulation: CES is a US FDA-approved, noninvasive, electro-medical treatment that has been shown to decrease anxiety, insomnia, and depression significantly.   CES is the main modality utilized in the recovery of drug addiction.   Studies have shown that deep relaxation and calm alertness produced by CES increases suggestibility and hypnotism along with an induced state of openness and heightened awareness; allowing new ideas, memories, and subconscious material to come to the surface.

Binaural Audio Beats:  
These subtle pulses were discovered in 1839 by Wilhelm Dove and bring the brain into a Theta state.   The “beats” are created when slightly offset tones are played through headphones.   The effect on brainwaves depends on the difference in frequencies of each tone.   The cerebral hemispheres are synchronized by the beats and the correct conditions
for neural pathway reestablishment (entrainment) are produced.   The result is deep relaxation during treatment.


Visual Pattern Light Stimulation
Light patterns are computer generated and calibrated to synchronize with the binaural beats.  This:

1) quickly induces the Theta state,

2) opens the brain to suggestion and entrainment 

3) promotes specific healing rhythms.  The Theta Chamber uses computer technology to precisely generate and synchronize these lights for maximum positive effect.

            What does the Theta Chamber treat?

At Keep Young Wellness Center, we are passionate about helping you shed the burdens that keep you from fully enjoying life.   Traditional care, including drugs and talk therapy, often fail because anxiety, depression and addiction all result from imbalanced brain chemistry.   Flooding the brain with synthetic drugs does not fix what is wrong and cause other imbalances and side-effects that often make matters worse.  Talking about the problem may help temporarily but is does not change the neurology.
At Young Living Wellness Center, our scientific approach to holistic brain health combines multiple, cutting-edge treatments to give you the best possible results.  

Keep Young Wellness Center’s unique 21–28-day treatment plans may help with:

Anxiety / Panic Attacks









other Modalities



Bipolar Disorder

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain

Unwanted Behaviors

Learning Enhancement