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AO Scan

     Every cell, organ and gland in the body has its own specific resonant frequency or oscillation. These oscillations can become disturbed or disrupted by stress, trauma, injury, diet, parasites, mold, virus, bacteria, EMF's, toxin exposure, and emotional disturbances.  This adversely affects biological function, and when appropriate attention isn't given - fatigue, depression, illness, disease.   AO Scan Energy Medicine can help detect & reverse these effects!   

Your Body is Electric

Science has discovered that every cell, tissue, and organ of the body is 98% energy that resonates with a unique frequency and vibration (Bre  J, Earl M.D. Psc. D iMD).  Over 50 years leading scientists from around the globe have cataloged thousands of Blueprint Frequencies -  frequencies that are the same in every healthy human being.

The Healing Sound Frequencies of the Human Body: List & Benefits

The frequency is primarily utilized for Emotional and Health purposes. In alternative medicine, some frequencies have been considered to have a particular healing effect of the human body, as the science behind solfeggio frequencies found.

Below  are the Schumann resonance solfeggio frequencies chart commonly considered able to cure - Hertz for healing: Sound frequency effects on humans:

      92 Hz - It is said to relieve pain.

    125 Hz - Vibrations at this frequency heal bones and tissue.

    138 Hz - These low sound waves can help heal wounds and reduce inflammation and swelling.

    146 Hz - The vibrations of 146 Hz promotes detoxification and cell regeneration.

    161 Hz - These sound waves can help to reduce scar tissue and stretch marks.

    174 Hz - The 174 Hz frequency relieves muscle pain and reduces inflammation.

    211 Hz - This frequency promotes cell regeneration and wound healing.

    528 Hz - The "love" or "miracle" frequencies promote healing and DNA repair.

Full Digital Body Scans are $199.00