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Medical Massage and Bio-Frequency Full Body Scanning-Theta Chamber Healing

       Welcome to your Medical Massage-Functional Medical Clinic & Theta Wellness Center

                                                                   Bio-Resonance Frequency Full Body Scanning and Theta Healing

The Keep Young Wellness Center uses innovative techniques and therapies to optimize the body, help prevent dysfunction, and boost vitality. We utilize non-invasive and safe electromagnetic, frequencies, light and sound interventions to revitalize the "energy system", in the body. The body works as an energy field, or "control center", that manages our physical and mental well-being.

Our center allows you to experience the latest in Theta Chamber Healing Full Body frequencies, light, vibrational, Terahertz frequency and electromagnetic interventions, including Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. We offer neuro-rebalancing for brain, vibrational plate therapy, ozone / hydrogen therapy, detoxification and energetic optimization correction to help your body heal itself.

If you are looking for a professional Medical Massage Practitioner, you’ve come to the right place. We offer medical massage modalities and protocols for disorders of Nerves, Muscles and Neuro issues.


  • Deltoid Muscle Syndrome decreased pain & increased range of motion results felt after your first session. 
  • Anterior / Posterior Scalene Muscles
  • Levator Scapula Muscle syndrome decreased pain & increased range of motion.
  • TMJ Pain (Medical Massage & Theta Chamber)
  • Bell's Palsy - with Facial Nerve Neuralgia (Medical Massage & Theta Chamber Therapy)
  • Fibromyalgia - reduced pain & anxiety (Medical Massage & Theta Chamber)
  • Plantar Fasciitis - increased Range of Motion and decreased chronic pain.
  • Chronic Elbow Tennis or Golfer's Pain
  • Migraines (Medical Massage & Theta Chamber)
  • Vertigo or Tinnitus -Treatments are performed using Medical Massage or MPS (Neuro- Stim therapy) & Theta Chamber)
  • Relaxation of Cervical Paravertebral Muscles -decreased pain and increased range of motion
  • Bursitis
  • Back Pain - (lower)- relief from tension of the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) or Sacroiliitis
  • Middle Back Pain - resulting from Cardialgia Syndrome
  • Upper Back Pain - Dowager's Hump
  • Hip Pain or Joint Osteoarthritis 
  • Piriformis Muscle Syndrome or Sciatica 
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
  • M.S. and Parkinson Tremors - Increased Range of Motion (Medical Massage & Theta Chamber)
  • Edema Reduction in legs or ankles, treatments by MLD Vodder's Method
  • Frozen Shoulder or Frozen Joints
  • POST and Long COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccine Issues - congestive or breathing limitations, headaches and range of motion pain.
  • Lymphatic drainage & Vagus Nerve Stimulation.
  • CVA (stroke)- limited movement issues and circulatory disorders (Medical Massage & Theta Chamber)
  • Neuropathy in feet, this disorder can better manage with Lymphatic drainage along with RF Frequency therapy.

AO Scans are just another addition to our belief in harnessing the power of your body's energy to promote healing and wellness. We use the AO Full Body Digital Analysis Scanning in combination with Medical Massage and MPS.  This works as a wonderful educational tool to see where all Imbalances are in your body, to help all clinic evaluations and for treatment plans.


What is the AO Scan?

The AO Scan is a non-invasive bio resonance device which uses radionics to detect abnormalities in the various 170,000 unbalanced energy frequencies of cells, tissues, and organs throughout your body. Disturbances in these frequencies is often a key indicator of distress and dis-ease. The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer then resets the body's optimal frequencies in order to restore optimal health or to prevent disease from manifesting. It offers the 4 main tools:   

            1.Inner Voice Scan- uses a 20-second recording of your voice to determine the stored frequencies in your Brain / Cortex /Sub-Con along with connection up and down the Vagus Nerve. This report provides you with the emotions that are impacting various tissues and organs in your body. To correct the areas impacted, 4 frequency tones are generated for you to listen to.

                2.Vitals Scan- Scan reports that are similar to chemistry tests (Food Sensitivity, Blood, Chakras & Meridians,   Gastrointestinal Function (3 areas), Nutritional Analysis, Toxins, Bacteria, Viruses, Heavy Metals).

     3. Comprehensive / Body Systems Scan- Detailed scans with images similar to an MRI, CT scan or X-Ray

     This reviews all of these areas: 

- Circulatory, Connective Tissue, Digestive, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Musculoskeletal, Nervous, Respiratory, Sensory Nervous, Integumentary (Skin/Hair), Urinary, Chromosomes (22), Human Cell & mitochondria, Hormones

     4S.E.F.I.- Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter


  AO Scanning is used in my clinic, and I can show you how to purchase your own personal wellness tool.

  •  1-hour Full body (Scan) evaluate and (Optimization Frequencies) correction 

      (Needs to be done every 45 days) .................................................$149.00

  •  Inner Voice, Vitals, Comprehensive or Body System - .................$149.00 each full time.
  •  Dental Scans -TMJ - Neck & Nerves - ..............................................$75.00
  •  Frequency S.E.F.I. imprinting patches for all disorders - .............$75.00
  •  Homeopathic Scan & Bottle to take with you -............................$125.00
  •  Remote Scans (3 scans)- ...................................................................$199.00
  •  Alpha Pass (3 days of your own use of AO Scanner at Home after pre-scans) - $99.00 



                                                                  THETA CHAMBER Healing

  • Theta Chamber Physical & Neurological Healing (30mins) .....................................$450 min of 3 sessions to start.  
  • Bundle pricing is available call Clinic. 


        The Theta Chamber delivers a highly therapeutic effect, while using specific frequencies to help with:

        - Anxiety         - Stress          - ADHD/ADD       - Depression        -Insomnia   

        -Learning Enhancement                      - Alcohol Addiction

        - Opioid Addiction                            - Amphetamine Addiction   

        -Benzodiazepine Addiction            -Pornography Addiction

        - Bipolar      - Emotional Balance       - Anger/Fear      -Tinnitus/Vertigo   

                                  - Pain Control     - Stress Reduction

                     - Hormone Dysfunction     -Parkinson/Stroke/MS     

                            - Sexual Dysfunction Male or Female

                               -Many more diseases /disorders

        Some and most long term disorders and emotional needs require, treatments to be done up to 21 or 28 sessions                                                                           

        Science Medical Articles/PUBMED: (on Theta Chamber/CES Therapy)

       1.    Clinical review: The therapeutic use of theta-burst stimulation in mental disorders and tinnitus. 

       2.    Theta burst stimulation in the treatment of incapacitating tinnitus accompanied by severe depression. 




                                                                     RF INNER-CLEANSE FOOT DETOX

Our RF INNER-Cleanse Foot Detox is a thermal shock wave depth conditioning instrument that circulates RF (Radio Frequency) vibration energy through the meridians of the feet to the whole body.

Fresh oxygen and nutrients are circulated through the blood, detoxing the organs.   Blood circulation is accelerated, and toxins and waste are broken down.

The benefits of this treatment:

     -  Increasing the Immune Support 5 to 6 times more

     -  Managing High Blood Pressure     - Regulating Blood Sugar Levels    - Balancing Cholesterol Levels

     -  Addressing Gout Disorders     - Alleviating Varicose Veins & Neuropathy    - Easing Back Pain

     - Counteracting Muscle Wasting    - Supporting Nerve Health   - Reducing Susceptibility to Colds

     - Treating Skin Conditions     - Assisting in Weight Management -  Relieving Joint Discomfort    

     - Boosting Metabolic Rate

  • RF Frequency Foot Detox used to treat full body against Viruses & Parasites. Plus its works great for Peripheral Neuropathy in feet..........................................................$55.00 each (6 to 10 sessions min).






         Medical Massage Information from Massage Science Institute, Phoenix, AZ.

                                           Treatment of "Frozen Shoulders"

                                                   3 Ways to Treat Frozen Shoulder and Recover Faster

Frozen shoulder is a seemingly mysterious issue. One day you seem fine, the next day you wake up with sudden onset of severe pain and the movement in your shoulder becomes progressively restricted, often to the point where movement is completely restricted.

Frozen shoulder occurs in approximately 2.4 per 1000 people per year. It affects slightly more women than men and generally occurs in middle-aged people. The condition causes major restriction to activities, which is incredibly frustrating because it can last up to 3 years where it miraculously disappears just as quickly as it appeared. Though, in some cases it can have ongoing symptoms.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

While the causes of frozen shoulder are poorly understood, what most experts agree upon is that there is inflammation occurring in the shoulder capsule, that’s why it’s often called adhesive capsulitis – meaning, shoulder capsule inflammation. 

Osteopathic experts suggest that the cause of frozen shoulder is due to the bicep tendon becoming injured, displaced or leaking fluid into the shoulder capsule, which sets off a massive immune system response that results in a large cascade of inflammatory reactions.

Peter Mitchell, physiotherapist, proposes that the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is involved in the cause of frozen shoulder because the SNS plays a central role in pain and dysfunction.

It makes sense that the cause would be nervous system related because the nervous system controls most of the functions in the body. With internal injury, the SNS – fight/ flight/ stress – side of the immune system goes into hyperdrive.

Is Surgery an Option for Frozen Shoulder?

While surgery is used to loosen the joint capsule in some cases, it is not the preferred option for treatment because there are other effective strategies that can help decrease pain, help the shoulder regain motion, and speed up your recovery.

3 Ways to Treat Frozen Shoulder Surgery and Recover Faster

1. Range of Motion Exercises

When you have a frozen shoulder, you can’t lift the arm very high because it gets locked in a wing position close to your body. Therefore, gentle stretching exercises can be used to increase the range of motion in the joint and muscles.

When doing exercises, be careful not to overdo it as you can aggravate the tissues, which causes more pain and inflammation. This is usually temporary but can be very uncomfortable.

2. Manual Therapies

A variety of manual therapies have been shown to help frozen shoulder, including massage, acupuncture, dry needling, and Kinesiology. Again, it is important to note that treatments should not be too aggressive, or they can aggravate the issue.

One thing in particular that manual therapies can help is in addressing the compensations that occur in other joints and muscles as a consequence of your frozen shoulder. Since your shoulder can’t move, this places more pressure on other joints and muscles to perform.

Therefore, using manual therapies can prevent too many muscular imbalances occurring over the long term, which can lead to other pain and problems.

3. Micro Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy

The Dolphin Neurostim is the world’s first hybrid device specifically designed for the treatment of chronic/acute soft tissue pain. The Dolphin is not only safe, but easy, treatments are done.

 It applies brief, concentrated microcurrent impulses to specific treatment points that naturally reduce nervous system STRESS and cortisol, relaxing muscle tone and releasing the body’s natural painkillers – endorphins. This multi-pronged effect on the body’s nervous, muscular, and endocrine systems is the reason why the Dolphin Neurostim works so fast and effectively with many chronic pain conditions.

Dolphin was born out of neurology endorphin research of the 1980’s, which was the first-time science recognized how special types of DC electro currents can positively influence the human body. Direct Current (DC-used in MPS) flows in one direction, is found in nature, and “runs” your heart and nervous system. Alternating Current (AC) has a back-and-forth flow of current, and powers most of our household appliances and traditional TENS (Transcutaneous Electro Nerve Stimulator) devices.  AC stimulation is man-made and is not found in nature.

Dolphin Neurostim produces microcurrent stimulation, thousands of times less in strength than traditional TENS devices and delivered in a manner to “resonate” with the nervous system and influence dramatic cellular changes in organs, tissues, and fascia. For this the Dolphin has been called “microcurrent bio stimulation” because of its reported benefits on cellular physiology and growth.

For more education and see why MPS treatments help our body heal go to links below:  the Research and history of  MPS 


          Many of the above medical disorders can be taken care of with the following modalities:

          - Medical Massage             -(M)icro (P)oint (S)timulator      - Medical Cupping   -MLD Vodder Lymphatic Drainage

          - Ultrasound Therapy        - Vagal Nerve Treatment (MPS) 

          Quantum Frequencies Medical Treatments

          - AO Scanner Frequency Corrections by (Imprinting Homeopathics into water, pellets (with no side effects)

          - Terahertz Frequency     

          - Radio Frequency Foot Detox (Decreases Viruses & Parasites, Increases Liver Functions)

          - Theta Chamber "Rewiring and Retraining your Brain".


          After your first session, I will review your treatment plan with you and advise you which medical protocols you need to resolve the problems you are having.  If you would like to see all the medical protocols, I work with please review them under the Services Tab.

                          Neurological Integrative Medicine

Ear Auricular Therapy - Full Body Therapy - Emotional Balancing - Addiction Therapy 

  Now offering Neuro-Stim with Dolphin MPS "No Needles".

  Acupuncture point treatments include:

- Chronic Pain Release from head to toe "Immediate Relief"

- Scar Therapy Release

- Release endorphins & improve circulation to improve functionality

- Relax muscles which will improve movement symmetry

- Improve sleep patterns and release melatonin

- Balance ANS System 

 Go to: "Massage Services" tab to learn more.

 Manual Lymph Drainage - Dr. Vodder's Method 

The Main Purpose of the Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic system is key to the body's ability to drain fluids, regenerate tissues, filter out foreign substances, maintain a healthy immune system, and remove excess fluids and waste products from interstitial spaces and between the cells.

   If Interstitial fluid and lymph circulation stagnates, unwanted substances accumulate and cellular functioning is compromised, thereby opening the way to numerous physical ailments. (Please review info under Service Tab)





        BEFORE and AFTER  3 SESSIONS - Photos of Manual Lymphatic Drainage













                                                     Lymphatic Treatment on Burn Patients with Skin Grafting                                            Medical Article Published by Allen T. Stanley, CMMP.

Click Here for Full Article




Medical Cupping

 - 5 Mins of Cupping = 30 mins of Deep Tissue Massage




Sculpt, Contour & Tone - Visibly & Effectively Reduce Cellulite

Activate Lymphatic System (Detox or decrease Edema)

Increase Circulation & Qi (CHI) Energy

Accelerate Muscle Recovery Time (decreases ON SET PAIN Delay)

Release & Restore Fascia (Connective Tissue) / (Decreases Stagnation or Toxic Blood Inflammation)

Reduce Inflammation

Muscle & Joint Pain

Improve Flexibility-Range of Motion



Lift, Sculpt & Define Facial Contours

Visibly Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Relieve Tired Eyes

Boost Collagen & Elastin

Enhance & Volumize Lips

Promote Circulation

Nutrient Flow for a Healthy Glow

Reduce Puffiness

Improve Efficacy of Skincare Products

                                                  $ 75.00 Facial & Neck Rejuvenation

                                                30 minutes 


I am Certified in a variety of modalities. Contact me to learn more about various techniques offered.


    Main Medical Office 

    The Villages and Lady Lake location:

    Sabal Palms Executive Suites

    510 County Road 466, Suite 207, Lady Lake, FL 32159  


MA#85566 MM#39905


For other Theta Chamber information go to our other clinic


 Young Living "Medical Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Pain Creams, FDA OTC approved" products are used in our practice along with medical grade CBD & Hemp products and supplements-  to order.


                                                                   Office Policies

  • 24-hour cancellation required, or you may incur a charge (cancellation full charge) 2nd time will require Credit Card on file at office, due to "No Shows".

  • When treatments, AO Scans, Bundle Pricing Packages, Gift Certificates all prepaid or setup they have a "NO Refunds or NO Return Policy or Cash Value but can be transferred to another patient. Only good for a 12-month period.

  • A scheduled two-hour initial appointment that is not cancelled 24 hours prior or a No Show will be charged the full amount of appointment cost to your credit card.

  • Credit or Debit Card will be required to hold scheduled appointments, 

  • We accept Cash or Check. Credit Cards accepted with a processing fee of $5.00. If amount is over $200.00 the CC Charge will be 4.25% of total add to cost.

  •  Insurance billing for services has a 15% charge, this only applies to billing or electronic payments. Completion of individual invoices for insurance reimbursements $35.00

  • Check Return $45 Charge 

           No cell phones in treatment area



   Patient Testimonials 

  • Patti Becker, FL.

    I was referred by a trusted friend after moving to the area. Tim's knowledge of the human body and healing is phenomenal.  I've never met a healthcare professional with such devotion to his clients.  Along with Tim's very therapeutic medical massage, he has introduced me to many avenues for better health.  This includes supplements, nutritional drinks, oils, and the amazing AO Scan Technology.  I love learning about and utilizing the newest technologies that the health & wellness world has to offer.


    Marsha S., The Villages, FL

    I've just completed my first session with Tim, and I'll be counting down the days to the next one!  For too long, I've experienced all the aches and pains typical of someone my age and hate that I'm choosing not to do activities have given me pleasure in the past.  I'm not fond of being old but I hate feeling old!  If this session is any indication, I may be on my way back a better me.   Tim's initial conversation with me anticipated many questions and he probed further in order to develop, and individualized program based on my needs and expectations.  His goal was to answer my questions and to assure that I understood what to expect from the sessions.  During the treatment, Tim continued to explain what he was doing and why.

         It is now a day later, and I suddenly realized I was moving with less pain.   With typical massages, I'd feel terrific for an hour or two but then everything would return to my "normal".  Not this time!  I'm looking forward to continuing improvement and to the next session!


    Karen N. The Villages, FL

    I highly recommend Tim Stanley at Keep Young Medical Massage! After six treatments I can unequivocally say that this is the best I've felt in two years!!  I had my right hip replaced six months ago and remained stiff and restricted.   After the first medical massage I felt noticeably better and continued to experience increased range of motion and greater flexibility with each subsequent visit.

    I've had many good regular massages before, but honestly, Keep Young Massage offers something more. Tim is a fascinating guy with incredible life experience and medical knowledge.   He's also highly trained using the latest equipment and modalities such as needleless acupuncture, which has improved the look and feel of my scar as well an 8-year-old foot scar!   I used to NOT be able to bend the big toe and now it bends just fine.   It's incredible.    The treatment for drainage of my lymph system left me with more energy and stamina.

    Also, Tim specializes in the highest quality essential oils that he custom blends for each patient's massage.  He put a small device on my hand, which registered the top three weakest systems in my body - (I was flabbergasted because the diagnosis was spot-on), after which we discussed helping oils and ways to better health after joint replacement.


     Diane S., The Villages, FL

    I first came to Tim with excruciating pain in my right leg. I had fallen a few months prior and continued to bike, walk, lift weights and play pickleball. Also, vertigo had returned.  Tim thoroughly reviewed my history and went to work.  Three muscles leading into the hip extremely inflamed and soft tissue (fascia) on my back extremely matted.  Tim masterfully applied essential oils throughout the massage.   He also used Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) to get rid of the vertigo. After only two sessions, the vertigo was gone and my leg pain much improved.

      A second time I came to Tim my whole body was in an uproar. My chiropractor was treating me for a sprain/strain in the lower back and neck issues due to one vertebra being bone on bone.  Again, Tim systematically worked to relieve my pain.  He performed MPS Scar Release on a 12-year-old scar from a partial hysterectomy.   I was amazed how I could actually feel the area underneath the scar released.  After three sessions, I felt rejuvenated.

     Tim is a very passionate and compassionate practitioner. His knowledge is unsurpassed.    I've been getting massages for 30+ years and I am amazed and grateful for all the therapies he offers to help people. I only winter in Florida and drive across the state for these appointments. "So worth it"!!  

               Tracy C., The Villages, FL

    Years of back and hip issues were creating difficulties in working out and normal life activities.  I was receiving help through Medical Massage but then I started "Scar Release Therapy", I had no idea how the scar can become a major cause of pain and issue.   After 4 sessions of "Scar Release Therapy", the nerves started to regenerate, and the scar started to "Pink" up and fade.   I am a believer in this therapy, and I know it is adding to my overall treatment plan to stay young and healthy!

              Jean M., The Villages, FL

    I suffered from severe hip and bursitis pain for over 9 months.  Visited several doctors who prescribed shots and pain medication but never received any relief.  When I met Tim and he explained what he offered, I researched the medical massage protocols he discussed.  I decided to give it a try and received immediate relief. Tim is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend Tim to everyone!   Thank you, Tim for giving me relief.

               Jim F., The Villages, FL

       My first session with Neurostim reduced my hip pain on a scale of 8 down to 2, (1-10).  This was only a half hour session.      It was absolutely painless, and I am looking forward to the next session. I have had this pain for ten years and I was amazed that it subsided in just thirty minutes. I am sure after more sessions I will be forever pain free again.


              Dennis H., The Villages, FL

        After surgery on my upper arm and the insertion of a metal rod plus 13 screws, I experienced limited range of motion in crossing my arm in front of me.  I was introduced to Allen Stanley, LMT. CMMP. And he provided painless auricular therapy.    In one treatment, my golf swing improved and the crossing of my arm in front of me has a wider range.  I also can turn from side to side while sleeping without any discomfort or delay.    Auricular therapy is painless that increased my arm's limitation and eliminated my discomfort.                                                                                                   

               Janice M., The Villages, FL.

       I had my first "Auricular" ear therapy, seems to have great results, and my joints feel better, muscles relaxed, and overall sense of well-being.  So, a great treatment!




Check the "More Tab" for this information:

- Contact Me - Make an appointment for Medical Massage or Therapeutic Massage, or if you have any questions.   I will return your call to confirm the details of your appointment. 

- Natural Self Care Products, you can take care of yourself & your family members needs like Reducing Anxieties, Chronic Pain.