Keep Young Massage, LLC.
Allen T. Stanley, Medical Massage Practitioner #MA85566


Ray B., The Villages, FL

(Parkinson Patient used Theta Chamber)

Took my husband Ray for first treatment in the Theta Chamber. Ray has Parkinson and is unsteady most of the time. Upon arrival he was a little foggy and definitely unsteady walking in. Tim set up the controls and got him in the chamber. After 30 minutes he said over already. Tim followed him down to his office and said he walked very smoothly. Put him under ion rain chair. As I watched you could see in his eyes how alert he was. 6 hours later is he cured? No, but we went for a walk just short of a mile in our neighborhood and he did just fine. We were headed back to the Midwest on Thursday but changed our plans and will be staying so Ray can get 21 treatments. I couldn't wait until we return in November. More posts as we go along! Thank you, Tim and Sharon, for working with us.

Follow up post for my husband Ray after 8 sessions. I ask if he feels more confident walking and he says yes. Observations from me, his wife. His balance is much better. When walking the stride is longer and peppier. He is standing taller or straighter. When standing from seated not falling back as often. Wants to exercise. He practically jumps into the Theta Chamber when we get there. I can see progress which gives me hope and relief. So glad we made this decision.


Karen N.. The Villages, FL

I highly recommend Tim Stanley at Keep Young Medical Massage! After six treatments I can unequivocally say that this is the best I've felt in two years!!  I had my right hip replaced six months ago and remained stiff and restricted.   After the first medical massage I felt noticeably better and continued to experience increased range of motion and greater flexibility with each subsequent visit.

I've had many good regular massages before, but honestly, Keep Young Massage offers something more. Tim is a fascinating guy with incredidble life experience and medical knowledge.   He's also highly trained using the lastest equipment and modalities such as needleless acupuncture, which has improved the look and feel of my scar as well an 8 year old foot scar!   I used to NOT be able to bend the big toe and now it bends just fine.   It's incredible.    The treatment for drainage of my lymph system left me with more energy and stamina.

Also, Tim specializes in the highest quality essential oils that he custom blends for each patient's massage.  He put a small device on my hand, which registered the top three weakest systems in my body - (I was flabbergasted because the diagnosis was spot-on), after which we discussed helping oils and ways to better health after joint replacement.


Diane S.,  The Villages, FL

I first came to Tim with excruciating pain in my right leg. I had fallen a few months prior and continued to bike, walk, lift weights and play pickleball. Also, vertigo had returned.  Tim thoroughly reviewed my history and went to work.  Three muscles leading into the hip extremely inflamed and soft tissue (fascia) on my back extremely matted. Tim masterfully applied essential oils throughout the massage.  He also used Micro current Point Stimulation (MPS) to get rid of the vertigo. After only two session, the vertigo was gone and my leg pain much improved.

  A second time I came to Tim my whole body was in an uproar. My chiropractor was treating me for a sprain/strain in the lower back and neck issues due to one vertebrae being bone on bone.  Again Tim systematically worked to relieve my pain.  He preformed MPS Scar Release on a 12-year old scar from a partial hysterectomy.  I was amazed how I could actually feel the area underneath the scar released.  After three sessions, I felt rejuvenated.

 Tim is a very passionate and compassionate practitioner. His knowledge is unsurpassed.  I've been getting massages for 30+ years and I am amazed and grateful for all the therapies he offers to help people. I only winter in Florida and drive across the state for these appointments.  "So worth it"!!  


Jean M., The Villages, FL

I suffered from severe hip and bursitis pain for over 9 months.  Visited several doctors who prescribed shots and pain medication but never received any relief.    When I met Tim and he explained what he offered, I researched the medical massage protocols he discussed.  I decided to give it a try and received immediate relief.   Tim is very professional and extremely knowledgeable.  I recommend Tim to everyone!   Thank you, Tim for giving me relief.


Tracy C., The Villages, FL

Years of back and hip issues were creating difficulties in working out and normal life activities.  I was receiving help through medical massage but then I started "Scar Release Therapy".  I had no idea how the scar became a cause of pain and issue.  After four sessions of the "Scar Release Therapy", the nerves started to regenerate and the scar started to "pink" up and fade.  I am believer in this therapy!!   I know it is adding to my overall treatment plan to stay younger and healthier.

June L., The Villages, FL

Tim today, was most special and thorough regarding my assessment and observation of my overall health situation! I was very impressed with his knowledge and how he intended to help me to get better and have a quality way of my future life.   I am most fortunate that we were able to connect and have arranged future appointments with him.

Jan M., The Villages, FL

The medical field has advanced so much, we have more choices than ever before.  In seeking my answers to health problems, it is wise to expand into other areas of care.   Mr. Stanley provides those choices with professionalism and care.

Sue P., The Villages, FL

Tim is absolutely the best!!!   Highly recommend Tim!!!

Pam G., The Villages of Duval, FL

Just had my first medical massage and evaluation with Tim Stanley from Keep Young Massage.  Unquestionably the most thorough exam and subsequent massage I have ever had.  Worked on my lower back pain and sciatic nerve problem.    He was totally professional and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend him.

Bernadette K., Lady Lake, FL

Thanks so much for helping me feel better!  I visited Tim Stanley last week (July) and left his office feeling better than I have in years!  I suffer from stiffness in my neck and lower back, both of which Tim was able to provide relief to me. He made me feel comfortable with his professional manner while putting my ridiculous fear of massage to rest. I would recommend his services to anyone dealing with chronic pain or just to be pampered.

Jim F., The Villages, FL

My first session with Neurostim MPS decreased my hip pain on a scale of eight down to two, (1-10).  This was only a half hour session. It was absolutely painless and I am looking forward to the next session. I have had this pain for ten years and I was amazed that it subsided in just thirty minutes. I am sure after more sessions I will be forever pain free again.

Joellen T., Fruitland Park, FL

I am receiving good results from Tim Stanley, at Sun Life Health.  Although I love a nice massage, Tim does so much more by applying techniques from a medical standpoint such as lymph drainage, stretches for increased range of motion as well as applying essential oils that all work together for decreased inflammation as well as serving many other preventative and restoration purposes. I can see a big difference since I have been seeing Tim for these health solutions.

Gerri R., The Villages, FL

I have had just two medical massages, I feel great!  I have better range of motion, the tightness I had in my upper back is gone, I left both times floating on air I was so relaxed. I am looking forward to many more sessions with Tim as he will continue to work on my Edema, Bursa etc. Tim is a very soft spoken individual with great talent in medical massage therapy. I highly recommend this therapeutic medical massage.

Debra W., The Villages, FL

I would like your office to know how pleased I am with Tim Stanley, massage therapist.    Due to my job of cleaning homes and other activities I participate in, my body requires a monthly massage.  Since moving to Florida four years ago, I have tried several massage therapists and Tim has surpassed them all. He is very professional and knows more about the body then any massage therapist I've had.   He also is trained in using Young Living essential oils which adds another healing dimension to each massage.   I am so glad you have added this service to your practice. My back and body have already improved in the four sessions that I have had.

Karen K. from Calument Grove - The Villages, FL

Tim Stanley is a practitioner who provides medical and therapeutic massage. He is very professional and does an awesome job. Thank you for helping me feel better!

Joan D. from The Villages, FL of Dunedin

Tim's therapeutic massages are thoroughly relaxing and target problematic areas. I encourage others to take advantage of wonderful massages from Tim.

AL S. from The Villages, FL

Tim Stanley provides a very professional service.  With my Parkinsonism condition, I have experienced significant increase in range of motion, balance and flexibility from his medical massages and use of Raindrop Therapy with essential oils.

Debra R. from Fernandina, The Villages, FL

Started a new type of massage via an actual medical massage. Very different. Feel like I'm learning a great deal and thus far have been very pleased with Tim Stanley.

Pam R. from Dunedin, The Villages, FL

Highly recommend for any chronic medical issues that may flare up on occasion. Excellent treatment on a continuing basis has helped my condition greatly, a very high standard of professional service.